About Us

With more then 19 years of experience as a Commercial Representative, having the headquarter located in the city of Santos, State of São Paulo, Wox Brazil, in partnership with large national and multinational industries, producers of fertilizers and inputs, prioritizes, primarily, economics and satisfactory results to their clients, through stock trading where the low cost of inputs, appropriate logistics and coverage of the entire national territory guarantee the quality of our services.


Offer to the farmer the best options in agricultural inputs with low-cost, concurrently with satisfactory levels of soil fertilization, allowing a real gain, contributing to the growth of Brazilian agribusiness.

Our values

Ethics: act responsibly and transparently.
Solidity: seek sustainable growth with value creation.
Respect: respect for people and a willingness to learn.
Union: the whole is stronger.

Our vision

We believe that protecting the environment is vital to our planet, aggregating values involving the marketing of products from new technologies that make better use of natural resources, promoting sustainability and profitability.


Entrepreneur is the term used to identify the individual who initiates an organization, creating companies with innovative principles in sectors regarded as traditional. Based on this concept, we are becoming Wox Brazil in a company with new principles and modern trends, therefore, we are taking a prominent position within our segment.

Identify opportunities, grab them and get the resources to turn them into profitable business, this is the role of Wox Brazil.


Wox Brazil understands that, for the Farmer and the Cattlemen, logistics and delivery are as important as the purchase of FERTILIZERS and FERTILIZER INPUTS, as a consequence, acts as a Freight Broker, in national territory, through companies and accredited drivers.

Our biggest role has been in the transportation of fertilizers, inputs and fertilizers sweeps, with loading operation in Cubatão-SP, Sumaré-SP and Catalão-GO, dispatching cargoes to all national territory.

Our experience in transportation of fertilizer gives to the producer transparency, agility, serenity, economy and safety during the deliveries. The freight agency service is available through a service contract.



Direct Selling: Wox Brazil is structured, systematically, to act on disclosure, sale and delivery of fertilizers, and agricultural inputs throughout the national territory, with greater time savings and lower investment.

Strategy: Our actions are focused on direct contact with farmers and cattlemen, through a modern online platform that allows us a direct contact with the persons who really have the decision-making power in that market.

Goals: Our goal is to streamline the negotiation through direct contact with farmers and cattlemen from all over Brazil, providing to the industry sales increase and expansion of service areas.

Structure: This type of structuring reduces expenses with field teams, registration of problems, failure in payments, interest application and logistical setbacks that, sometimes, can make difficult businesses in this sector.

Partnerships: Wox of Brazil is in search of opportunity for new partnerships with industries of all sizes, working in the agribusiness segment producing FERTILIZERS, and AGRICULTURAL INPUTS and that aims to earn more and expand their areas of operation.